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Wraparound Services

Wraparound services are helpful for struggling children who need a coordinated plan they can buy into. In this scenario, community-based services, including counselors and social workers, literally “wrap around” the child, their family, school, and community to provide a coordinated effort to get them back on track. These services are individualized to the child’s goals and guide them through legal trouble, develop a safe and stable living situation, calm their emotional state, improve academic performance, and build healthy relationships.


We believe in wraparound services that use teamwork and coordinated resources to provide healing for marginalized kids.

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Foster Care & Adoption

Forming a secure attachment to at least one parenting adult is critical to the healthy development of a child’s sense of well-being. At any given time, Spokane has 700-800 children in foster care who are cared for by a close relative, a foster family, or within a group facility. More than half go back to live with their family, but the goal of our programs is to make sure foster kids are matched with a stable forever families. We proudly support programs that provide foster kids a leg up and equip families for foster parenting or adoption.


We believe in foster care and adoption programs that help protect, stabilize, and nurture the most marginalized children in our community.

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Transitional Living

Serious emotional and behavioral disturbances, domestic violence, and abuse leave some kids homeless or orphaned, without a safe place to call home. Child Protective Services may provide help by placing them in a home-like setting where they receive around-the-clock care from trained professionals. After evaluating the child’s needs, an individualized plan is developed to include medication adjustments, nonviolent interventions, and therapy to teach healthy communication and behavioral management skills.


We believe in transitional living programs that provide support, resources, and a safe place to call home for marginalized kids.

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 Education allows children to open up to new areas of growth so they can be more creative, develop new ideas, and meet the challenges they will face in life. What kids will achieve in their lives is only limited by how strongly they believe in themselves and the level of self-confidence and self-awareness they develop as a youth. Education fuels children’s self-confidence and instills belief in their own success. That’s why Believe in Me Foundation invests in education through Title I schools, STEM and tutoring programs, ECEAP, and Head Start.


We believe in educational programs that engage, empower, and inspire struggling kids to believe in their future.

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There is something magical about creating art, playing music, and exploring outside. These activities take kids to another place and provide them opportunities to use their imagination and see a new world full of possibilities. Positive play environments, getting outdoors, and learning to enjoy the arts allow the whole child to be spontaneous, exhibit their resilience, and find the enchantment to spin up their own dreams and play out their instinctive nature. Believe in Me Foundation values these important components in the development of our community’s kids.


We believe in enrichment programs that nurture curiosity, wonder and creativity in kids through play, the arts, and outdoor immersion.

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Children's Charity Causes
We Care About the Most

Leveraging the 5 Pillars of Caring to Boost Confidence

We believe in kids and we want to inspire them to believe in themselves. Believe in Me (the Foundation) provides grants to programs that are helping every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Our results are measured by the kids whose lives are forever changed through transitional housing, foster care, wraparound services, education, and enrichment through play, the arts, and outdoor immersion. We strategically invest in these five pillars of caring to develop a real and lasting positive impact on the community. 

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