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    Wraparound Services A Feeling of Community Why Kids Need Wraparound Services Children are our future. They are our hope for a better tomorrow. But too often, kids grow up in difficult circumstances that hinder their ability to reach their full potential. That's where wraparound services can make a difference. Wraparound services provide comprehensive support for kids and families, addressing a wide range of needs - from housing and food insecurity to mental health and substance abuse. By working with families to identify and address the unique challenges they're facing, wraparound services can help kids overcome obstacles and succeed in life. And that benefits us all. Meeting the Unique Needs of Each Child Wraparound services provide a comprehensive approach to care, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional needs of marginalized children and their families. They may include health care, mental health services, social services, and educational support. Wraparound services are designed to meet the unique needs of each child and family, and they can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who receive them. Here is a listing of the types of wraparound service programs Believe in Me supports. Providing a Feeling of Community Children who are marginalized often have multiple and complex needs that can be difficult to address. These children often fall through the cracks because their needs are too great for any one service provider to handle. Believe in Me funds wraparound service programs that provide coordinated support, resources, and a feeling of community for marginalized kids. With your help, we can give these kids the chance they deserve to heal and thrive. Your Donation Can Make A Difference The children of today face extraordinary challenges, but they are never alone. They deserve our love and acceptance too, and your donations make this possible! With your support, organizations and individuals from all walks of life work tirelessly to help these kids feel like part of something--a community where their uniqueness is celebrated rather than tolerated or rejected because it's different. Donate Volunteer Apply for a grant By The Numbers 1,300 children are treated for violence-related injuries each day 1 in 7 kids experience abuse or neglect 4% children suffer from PTSD

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    Acevedo Family James Adams Anonymous Donor Virginia Arnoux Berney Family Beyersdorf Mulloy Fund Shalini Bhat Briggs Family Loree Broderick Cannon Family Eric Christiansen Mary Cooper Corn Family Crow Family Bernadette Curry Lisa Cushman Stacey Davis Shannon Demant Deroshia Family Lesley Dock ​ Lesley Dock Bethany Ellis Karin Engstrom Patricia Ewers Ronald Fetters Glocking Family Megan Gomez Mary Lou Goolie Josh Grant Greater Spokane Elks Lodge Margaret Hammer Sue Harbel Jackie Hedenstorm Highlands Hospitality Brande Hune Jarvis Family Kate Kamerrer Claudette Kenmir Carol Kowzau Horace Mason Marjorie McFaul Morgan Family James Morrison Beverly Moser Jonathan Oglesby Partch Family Patterson Family Brian Poletti Ashley Powers James Prince Theresa Reisenauer Richard Repp Aaron Riley Robert (Dr.) Robinson Delores Rodgers Diana Rogers Debi Sapp Jemima Scarpelli Zane Schafer Richard Schroeder Betty Seablom Alice Sidlow James Silverstri Andrea Simmerman Chris Sjoblom Aleksandr Solodyankin Sharon Strobridge Tito’s Handmade Vodka Laura Treece Laura Watson Joseph Whipple Pat Whipple Scott Wilburn Shana Wilhelm Rita Wirtz Charlotte Worthy Brooke Wright Geoffrey Wukelic Hailey Zimmerman Donors Corporate Sponsorship We appreciate our relationships with local businesses for sponsorship and alignment with our mission. Corporate philanthropy plays an integral role in the strategy of many Spokane companies because customers and employees alike tend to transact positively with organizations that join our cause. Media Partners Media partnerships are collaborations that are can help us to raise the visibility of our cause. These partners are an essential part of our strategy, providing us with space to promote our mission, our grants, and our event. We extend our deepest gratitude for our media partnerships that have helped us in the past few months. Thank You To Our Many Generous Supporters The work of The Foundation depends on the commitment and generosity of private philanthropy. We gratefully want to acknowledge the individuals, corporations, and foundations who continue to help make The Foundation work possible. Our volunteers, donors, and partners are helping to fund children’s charities that provide marginalized kids with a safe place to call home, a family that loves them, a feeling of community, and opportunities to learn, build self-esteem, and have fun. Memorials Memorial Donor In Memory Of: Karin Engström Sonya Marie Gilstrap Clyde & Elizabeth Ries Tom (Thomas) Flahavin Sharon Strobridge Lee Strobridge Mary & Bob Morgan Carole & Benny Jones Anonymous Joseph & Josephine Robino Br. Tony Cannon Susan Kirkeby Carol Kowzau Lee Strobridge Jame & Bernice Adams Dr. Robert Adams & Florence Adams Virginia Arnoux Henry G. Arnoux Mary Goolie (Monthly Donation) Frank Goolie, Ed, Alberta, David Mauro & Jeanette Charlotte Worthy Richard Worthy Karin Engström´s tribute donation in memory of her aunt Sonya contributes to our mission to one day live in a world where every kid develops the self-coincidence they need to succeed. ​ We remember Sonya for her grateful heart, her genuine interest in and concern for others, and her positive attitude even in the face of difficulties. We also remember Sonya for her memories and the stories she shared, and we will now live on with questions we would have liked to ask her as she recalled so much about family and community. Talking with her friends and family after her death - the consistency of how she treated people is evident. The same words permeate all memories - supportive, interested, inspiring, encouraging, accepting, and sweet. Sonya sought to understand the reasoning, and preferences and gained interest herself. She believed in everyone. Donor Spotlight Karin Engström Non-Cash Donations Gifts from donors can come in many different forms. In-kind gifts are donations of goods, services, or time, in lieu of cash. In-kind gifts can be both tangible and intangible. Non-cash gifts are an important source of the Morning Star Foundation’s revenue, especially during times of economic downturn. In-kind donations are also a good way to cultivate support and build capacity for the Foundation while freeing up our cash for other operating expenses. Volunteers If Shalini were a superhero, her power would be to grant happiness to everyone. She certainly is our Happiness Hero with her abilities and talents with Salesforce. She is working her way to becoming a master on the platform and wants to become a Salesforce technical architect. Wes Adams Deepti Aggarwal Shafiel Ali Michael Bethely Shalini Bhat Rucita Bhatia Malaika Chandler Douglas Copenspire Schuyler Dunphy Fatima Abd Elmajid Thomas Fehse Avonlea Fisher Gary French Poonam Gillurkar William Hu Arjun Jain Jason Jung Sujai Karunakaran Lance Laurier Trupti Lone Nathan Luu Alexandra Martinez Ernest McLeod Mai Nguyen Mary O’Shea Alexsander Petrenko Philip Priolo Preston Robertson Jeremiah Sargent Matthew Schafer Betty Seablom Priyanka Shankar Medhaa Shankar Sonya Shen Mina Shin Bryan Smith Shirisha Thunikipati Tai Tran Jinoo Varghese Vani Vellaturi Nolan Winn Andrew Wittwer Michael Wukelic Claire Xiao Volunteer Spotlight Shalini Bhat Salesforce Administrator Volunteer Remembering A Life Well Lived Robert "Bob" Morgan Feb. 8, 1933 - Jan. 20, 2021 The Morning Star Foundation was honored to have Bob Morgan serve on the Board. He embodied the different areas that the Foundation believes every kid should develop to have the self-confidence they need to succeed: Home. Family. Friends. Learning and Fun.

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions | Believe in Me | Planned Giving

    Save Money on Your Taxes With Qualified Charitable Distributions Don't need as much retirement savings as you thought? See how making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) can help you! Learn More How Do Qualified Charitable Distributions Work to Help Marginalized Kids? Consult With Your Wealth Management Advisor For the Best Advice ​ The content found on this site is general in nature and intended to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be relied upon as legal, tax, accounting, or other professional advice. To determine how a gift or estate planning decision might affect your particular circumstances, you should consult an attorney, financial advisor, or other qualified professional. ​ Tell Us About Your QCD Transfer See Your Donation at Work Did you know that you can continue helping marginalized kids long after your lifetime? All you have to do is name Believe in Me as a beneficiary of your retirement account, and the remaining assets (or a portion thereof) will be used to help provide marginalized kids with a safe place to call home, a family that loves them, a feeling of community, and opportunities to learn, build self-esteem, and have fun. Show Kids You Care by Designating Believe in Me as Your Beneficiary Are You ​ Old Enough? You must be at least 70 1/2 years old Do You Have Excess Retirement Funds? You must have retirement funds you do not need What is Your RMD? Calculate your *required minimum distribution Have You Contacted Your Financial Planner? Make a QCD from your retirement funds Do You Want to Start Helping Kids Right Away? Your generosity goes directly to to helping marginalized kids Learn What's Required to Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution *If you are 70 1/2 years old or older, your qualified charitable distribution can count towards your required minimum distribution! Reduce Your Taxable Income ​ When you take distributions from your retirement account, they are considered taxable income. The good news is if you transfer them directly to a charity, you can reduce your taxable income while satisfying your required minimum distribution (RMD). ​ ​ ​ Leave a Legacy REASON ONE Fulfill Your Required Minimum Distribution After you turn 72, you are required to begin distributing funds from your retirement account. You may be subject to a significant penalty if you do not make a required minimum distribution. You can satisfy your required minimum distribution by making a qualified charitable contribution of up to $100,000 per individual or $200,000 per couple. ​ Calculate Your RMD REASON TWO Help Give Struggling Kids A Leg Up ​ When you support Believe in Me with a gift from your retirement account, you can make an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of the kids we serve, who you empower with the self-confidence they need to succeed. ​ Believe in a kid today! ​ ​ ​ ​ Learn More REASON THREE Three Great Reasons to Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution Get Sample QCD Request Letter Get Started by Contacting Your IRA Administrator Today! Have More Questions About Gifting Your Life insurance To Believe in Me? Talk To One Of Our Experts. As Chief Executive Officer, I help people understand how they can save money on taxes by making a qualified charitable distribution. What does that mean? I am the person responsible for cultivating relationships with individuals who may be interested in making these types of gifts. I’d be happy to sit down, get to know you in person, and share more information about our program. ​ Contact: Chief Executive Officer Julie Wukelic, MBA As Development Director I oversee all of the organization's fundraising and help manage relationships with our company's financial partners. My quests include planning fundraising events, interacting with new and former donors to encourage ongoing contributions, and helping seek out opportunities for financial support through grants, sponsorships, long-term giving, qualified charitable distributions, and more. I also want to maintain a respectful reputation for our Believe in Me Foundation and any nonprofit we represent. After all, it is all about giving back to those kids less fortunate than ourselves. ​ Contact: Development Director Paul Sorensen I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors throughout my life, and I understand that I would not be the individual I am today without my parents, mentors, and coaches coming alongside me when I needed it most. It is a privilege and my duty to return the favor. I have had a heart for those going through difficult times since I was in middle school and began going on mission trips to build homes in Mexico and feed the homeless in San Francisco. This position provides the opportunity to combine my desire to help and serve, with my passion for finance and maximizing opportunities for all parties involved. ​ Contact: Volunteer Charitable Giving Advisor Colin Prestesater "We are truly excited to witness the influx of innovative programs from passionate applicants, all of whom share our unwavering commitment to our Five Pillars of Caring and the empowerment of marginalized youth." -Julie Wukelic, CEO of Believe in Me

  • Major Giving Donations | Believe in Me

    Major Giving Donations That Make You Feel Good What are Major Gifts? Major gifts make up the largest percentage of donations that Believe in Me receives. Without major gift contributions, many of our programs would go unfunded and a lot of kids would go without help. We are so grateful for the major gift donors who have contributed to our cause and make our mission possible. Most of them have given because they believe in our mission and have the financial capacity to support our cause. They give again because they trust us and feel a connection with our programs. Celebrating Major Gifts We are so appreciative when we receive a major gift we want to tell the world about it! Here’s what you can expect when you give a major gift. We will send you a personalized thank you, acknowledging your contribution to our cause and a description of the impact you are making on our programs. If your major gift is sizable enough, we may also recognize you in our annual report or on our website. You may also be invited to be acknowledged verbally or in print at one of our public events. Our donors don’t always want their name up in lights, so we put you in the driver’s seat about how much information you want disclosed to the public. If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate so on your donation submission and we will keep your information private. Ways to Make a Major Gift Donation As Chief Executive Officer, I also wear the hat of managing our major gifts process. What does that mean? I am the person responsible for cultivating relationships with individuals who may be interested in major gifts. I work alongside our board to develop and carry out our strategic plan and my perseverance, commitment to the mission, and passion for nonprofit work are what fuel our major gifts program. I’d be happy to sit down, get to know you in person, and share more information about our program. Julie Wukelic, MBA Chief Executive Officer Schedule a Lunch Meet Our Chief Executive Officer Send by Mail Send your check or money order donation via snail mail to: P.O. Box 2155, Spokane, WA 99201 Deliver In-Person Hand deliver your donation at our office located at: 510 W Riverside Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201 ​ ​ Donate via Text Text "BELIEVEINME” to 44-321 to send money to Believe in Me directly from your mobile phone. Donation Form Complete the form on our website to make a donation directly to the Foundation. You can sign up to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation. There are a lot of misconceptions about giving a major gift. We’ve identified some of the unique characteristics of our major gift program that you may find surprising. Major gifts don't have to be cash donations, they can also be given in the form of in-kind donations. Major gifts aren’t just a nice-to-have for a rainy day; they help us reach our ongoing funding needs. Your gift doesn’t have to go into our general fund; it can be allocated to the programs you care about. You don't have to donate all at once; you can stretch out your major gift donations over time. Did You Know? Meet Our Development Director As Development Director I oversee all of the organization's fundraising and help manage relationships with our company's financial partners. My quests include planning fundraising events, interacting with new & former donors to encourage ongoing contributions, and helping seek out opportunities for financial support through grants, sponsorships, long-term giving-qualified charitable distribution, and more. I enjoy collaborating with others on projects and use my attention to detail to help coordinate large-scale events. I also want to maintain a respectful reputation for our Believe in Me Foundation and any nonprofit we represent. After all, it is all about giving back to those kids less fortunate than us. Paul Sorensen Development Director Schedule a Lunch

  • Volunteer Opportunities at Believe in Me

    Use Your Skills for Good Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering at Believe in Me Discover your role in fulfilling our big vision through volunteer opportunities at Believe in Me. Our dedicated team, comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and impressive work histories, is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. When you become part of our volunteer team, you join our mission to empower every child with the self-confidence they need to succeed. Remote Volunteer Opportunities At Believe in Me, we offer remote volunteer opportunities that provide flexibility, allowing you to contribute to our mission from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a working professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a student, our remote roles fit seamlessly into your schedule. Join us today to make a difference, gain valuable experience, and create lasting impact, all while enjoying the convenience of remote volunteering.​ Benefits and Perks Volunteering at Believe in Me comes with a host of benefits and perks that make your experience truly rewarding. Here are six compelling reasons to join our mission: Meaningful Impact: Your efforts directly contribute to empowering children, helping them develop self-confidence and succeed in life. Flexible Opportunities: We offer a range of volunteer roles to fit your schedule, whether you're a full-time professional, a parent, or a student. Remote Volunteering: Enjoy the convenience of contributing from home while making a real difference in our community. Diverse and Inclusive Community: Join a dedicated team from various backgrounds committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Skill Development: Gain valuable experience and enhance your skill set while supporting a noble cause. Lasting Connections: Build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a positive impact. Current Volunteer Opportunities Click on the volunteer job titles below to read a detailed job description for each role we are recruiting for. Please thoroughly review the required skills and work experience to ensure you're a good fit before applying. ​ Project Manager ​ Data Integration Specialist ​ Grant Research Analyst ​ Digital Marketing Manager ​ Web Application Developer Ready to Apply? We believe that dynamic people working as a team, inspired by great leadership and the anonymity to flourish, will do extraordinary things... together. Apply Now Grant Writer Administrative Assistant Marketing Manager Nonprofit Bookkeeper Join Our Team As a quickly growing nonprofit, we are always looking for passionate, talented, and creative people to join our team’s roster. If you’re looking for a challenge that will lead you to the next level of your career, you’ve found the right place. Professional Networks We Belong To Learn More Want to see what types of volunteers you might be working with if you make a move to Believe in Me? Check out, Idealist! Learn More Go ahead and take us for a test drive. Find open volunteer opportunities that match your skills and work interests. Learn More From our mission to our financial health and well-being, you can learn all about our organization by visiting our profile on Guidestar. "It is our differences that bring us together. It is our differences that make our ideas more meaningful. It is our differences that create a team that is one of a kind." —Successories About Us Five Pillars of Caring Watch Our Video

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    Stepping Up to the Challenge We understand that Board members have a great responsibility to ensure the financial health and sustainability of our organization. We encourage Board members to actively participate in the discussion and decision-making process, engage in organizational self-study and assessment, and stay abreast of current legal and financial regulations. With the support of our committed Board, we are confident that Believe in Me will continue to make a difference for years to come. Meet Our Board of Directors Community Activist. I get involved by diving in headfirst to tackle the problems facing our community. In everything I do, I fight to ensure social justice, empowerment, equality, and enrichment for all. Chairman of the Board Aaron Riley Affliations: Long-term Care Ombudsman, Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners Consultant, New Leaf America Commissioner, City of Spokane Human Rights Commission Former Planning and Evaluation Specialist, Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Franklin County Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since May 2020 Member, Grants Administration Committee Education: B.A. Business Administration, Ohio Dominican University Member, Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society Rule Follower. I use my experience in healthcare management, patient privacy, HIPAA, compliance, and auditing to dig into the heart of it all; building and strengthening relationships based on trust and transparency. Treasurer Lori Brennan, MBA, RHIA, CHC Affiliations: Corporate Compliance & Privacy Manager: Inland Northwest Region, Multicare Health System Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since April 2019 Chair, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee Member, Grants Administration Committee Education: MBA, Western Governors University B.S. Health Administration, University of Phoenix Creative Genius. I help make community connections through integrated digital storytelling. Over the past thirty years I've used my diverse talents to creatively connect people with the solutions they are seeking. Board Member Shawn Davis Affiliations: Principal and Creative Director, Zipline Interactive Former Creative Director, ROBiDEAX Marketing and Design Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since July 2020 Chair, Marketing and Fundraising Committee Member, Video Production Team Education / Awards: B.S. Communications & Advertising, Washington State University 2013 AAF Spokane Ad Fed Ad Pro of the Year Diplomatic Liaison. I like to bring people together and help find common benefits to maximize value for the participants. And in so doing over the span of time and deals, add just a bit to the global good. Board Member Dan Menser Affiliations: Chairman, Alliance of Angels General Counsel, Teal Communications, Inc. Member of the Board of Advisors, Pollen System Corporation & Everyvine Corporation Committee Positions: Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee Education / Awards: J.D. Program - Cum Laude, Seattle University School of Law B.A. Finance - Cum Laude, Washington State University Traveling Geek. I’ve found a mission for myself in finding ways to help children of all ages learn how to use technology to improve their lives and careers. Starting as early as possible letting them understand how they have the power to control some things in their lives; no matter how hard the world around them may be. Board Member Paul Hutton Affiliations: Member, WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges Member, WA Technology Center Board Member, NSF’s National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies Board President, Blue Earth Cruises LLC Past President, Thought Engineering LLC Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since August 2022 Education / Awards: BA Mathematics & Computer Science, Eastern Washington University Executive Certificate, Technology Leadership, Sloan School of Management, MIT US Air Force Commendation Medal Solutions Architect. I have been active in economic development matters across Washington State. I'm passionate about serving youth and contributing to community development. Board Member John Powers Affiliations: Founder and CEO, Powers Economics Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since August 2022 Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee Education / Awards: BBA Business Administration - Finance, University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business Juris Doctorate - Law, Gonzaga University School of Law Legal Eagle. I serve as the Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Eastern Washington University and the Alumni Advisory Board for the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at Washington State University. Board Member Keith Trefry Affiliations: Partner, Paine Hamblen LLP Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Eastern Washington University Alumni Advisory Board for the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Washington State University. Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since August 2022 Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee Education: B.A. Pre-Law, Cum Laude, Washington State University JD Law, Cum Laude, Gonzaga University School of Law Media Maven. The mission of the Believe in Me organization is something that resonates with me as the mother of 5 and grandmother of 2. Children need someone to care, someone to act and someone to believe. This organization does all three. Board Member Nikki Hilton Affiliations: Senior Vice President, iHeart Media Multi Platform Group- Spokane President, Red Farm Media Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since January 2023 - Passionate Producer. Humans are builders. We build houses, we build teams, we build ideas, & we build lifelong relationships. I want to leverage my decades of experience in building relationships, to provide the foundation for people that don’t have a strong network, to help them build & accomplish their own dreams. Board Member John Reznicek Affiliations: Director of Sales, Alliance Door Products Committee Positions: Member, Board of Directors since January 2023 - Get to Know Our Board of Directors Our Executive Governance Committee is an essential part of our organization. Not only do they help Believe in Me react quickly to pressing issues, but they also increase the effectiveness of the entire board. Each committee member has been elected by the board of directors and meets regularly to discuss important matters. By delegating decision-making authority to the executive governance committee, the Believe in Me board is able to focus on longer-term strategic initiatives that can help ensure our success. These dedicated individuals are an invaluable asset in Believe in Me's governance framework. Executive Governance Team Chairman of the Board Vice President Secretary Treasurer Aaron Riley Vacant Lori Brennan Vacant View View View View

  • Terms of Use | Believe in Me is a website associated with Believe in Me, a charitable foundation existing under the laws of the State of Washington. U.S.A. ("Foundation," "we," "us" etc.). These Terms of Use (“Terms”) are an agreement between the Foundation and you and govern your use of the Site (as defined below) and all information on or submitted through it. ​ You understand that your use of the site, registration on the site or use of this or any other Foundation website, mobile app, online portal, electronic forms, surveys and interactive exhibits managed by Believe in Me (collectively the “Site”), constitutes your agreement to these Terms, including but not limited to the Foundation’s Privacy & Cookies Notice (the "Privacy Notice") as amended from time to time. ​ Do not use the Site if you do not agree to the Terms or if your jurisdiction will not honor them. Most users of this Site are employees or other agents of entities, so references to "you" means both: (1) any entity or individual that is your employer or for whom you act as agent, and (2) the "user" individually unless otherwise stated on the Site or in these Terms. Persons under 18 years of age are not authorized to use the Site. 1. Restrictions on Use of Content The Site contains a variety of information, including (without limitation) information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, or other materials, that you upload, post, or otherwise provide in connection with the Site ("Content"). Much of the Content on the Site is not available for downloading, such as the copyrighted works that we do not distribute or works of others that we are not permitted to distribute. However, we also may have Content that if so designated may be downloaded by you pursuant to these Terms ("Available Content"). YOU MAY REVIEW, DOWNLOAD, COPY, DISTRIBUTE AND USE THE AVAILABLE CONTENT SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF FURTHERING YOUR MISSION IN THE ORDINARY COURSE OF YOUR GOVERNMENTAL OR CHARITABLE PURPOSE AND ATTENDANT OPERATIONS. YOU MAY NOT SELL THE AVAILABLE CONTENT OR OTHERWISE DISTRIBUTE IT FOR A FEE. YOU WILL NOT USE OR DISCLOSE IT OR THE SITE TO ANY THIRD PARTIES EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PERMITTED BY THESE TERMS. This Site is controlled by us from our offices within the United States of America. If you choose to access this Site from locations outside the U.S. you do so at your own risk and you are responsible for compliance with any local laws. You may not use or export anything (including information) from the Site in violation of U.S. export laws, regulations or the Terms. 2. Registration and Creating Profiles etc.; Attribution of Electronic Acts to You For some areas of the Site, you may have to complete a registration process or create a profile for use in applying for something (e.g., a job or a grant). Completion of the process will usually create an account with a user name and password or other identifier which you agree to guard as confidential information—if you are careless with it, others may be able to access the information. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information at all times. You also agree that you will review, maintain, correct, and update such information in a timely manner to maintain its accuracy and completeness by using the means allowed for the relevant information or, when appropriate, by contacting us. If you provide (or the Foundation has reasonable grounds to believe that you provided) any information that is inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, the Foundation may suspend or terminate your access, application, grant or participation in a program, in addition to exercising all rights and remedies allowed by law. You agree that all uses of the identifier established for you during a registration or similar process will be attributed to and legally bind you and may be relied upon by us and our agents, affiliates, and other third parties with whom we work in order to provide the Site, Content, services or pursue our mission (including but not limited to our and their respective affiliates, officers, employees and agents) (collectively "Third Parties"), as being a use made by you, even if someone else used your identifier. 3. User Generated Content and Site Activities A. User Generated Content — Your Responsibility and License to Others. Sometimes you may wish to provide Content, such as by uploading a video or information, or submitting comments in a chat room. When you provide Content, you: represent and warrant that the Content is (a) wholly your original work, or (b) that you have all necessary right, title, interest and licenses to upload it and make it available to the Foundation and other users for download, distribution and use under these Terms without (i) violation (by you, us, Third Parties, users or anyone else) of any applicable license, restriction or law, or (ii) a potentially adverse consequence to us, Third Parties, users or anyone else that you have not conspicuously disclosed in the Content. 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We may also do this for particular activities even if you have started to participate. For example, we can change a job or grant description at any time even if you have already applied, and not all jobs or grants may be posted at all or on the Site – we use various methods for pursuing our mission and they are not limited to the Site. Also, we or Third Parties might make a mistake and we reserve the right to correct anything, including but not limited to Content or assistance on the Site. For example, we may correct, change, withdraw or do anything else with a job or grant description even if you have already taken action based on it. C. No Commissions. We do not want to deal with persons desiring to be paid for something unless we intentionally enter into an express contract to do so. This means, for example, that we do not pay commissions or other sums to anyone who helps arrange a job, grant or anything else unless we have expressly contracted to do so in writing prior to any such arrangement. For example, if you submit an application for someone else without entering into such a contract with us, we will not pay you (or anyone else) a commission or other amount even if we accept the application, hire the person or make the grant etc. We may also use, delete or ignore any information you provided without paying you anything and without undertaking any duties to you or anyone else. If you do not want that result then do not submit any information without entering into a written contract with us first. 4. Privacy Notice Our Privacy Notice is part of these Terms and is incorporated herein. Do not provide personal data about others unless you are authorized or required to do so by contract or applicable law. You may provide personal data on behalf of another person if you have provided them with a copy of this notice and any applicable supplemental privacy notice, and obtained their explicit consent. We may ask you to provide evidence of that notice and consent. 5. Infringement of Our Rights or the Rights of Others; Your Warranty Our Site, including the Content, is protected by intellectual property laws and you agree to respect them. See the "Additional or Required Notices" section of these Terms for more information about our trademarks and copyrights. All rights not expressly granted to you are reserved. As for intellectual property rights of others, anyone who believes that their work has been infringed, may provide a notice to our copyright agent—see the Additional or Required Notices section of these Terms. It is our policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances any (if any) account or right of access for repeated infringement, and we also reserve the right to terminate for even one infringement. 6. Feedback; Your License to Us We hope that you will provide your Feedback (as defined below) so that we may better support, improve and pursue our charitable mission. However, you agree that you will not supply Feedback that infringes or violates the rights of others, and you hereby grant a License to the Foundation (as defined below) in your Feedback. You agree that we have no obligation to pay you or anyone else for Feedback or for the License to the Foundation. "Feedback" means all remarks, data, suggestions, methods, surveys, reports, processes and ideas (including patentable ideas) and other Content that you provide by using the Site or provide about it, Content or any aspect of our mission or operations, whether provided to us or persons working with us or the Feedback, and whether provided through the Site or media such as a chat room, survey, report, grant, software tool, bulletin board or otherwise. As used above, "License to the Foundation" means a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to the Foundation to exercise all now or later existing intellectual property rights or other rights of yours or others in the Feedback, for purposes of supporting the Foundation's charitable purposes (as determined by us in our discretion from time to time) in full or in part and in all possible media (now known or later developed). The foregoing rights include (but are not limited to), the right to display, perform, read (on air or otherwise), and publish in public or private sites, newspapers or other media, brochures, reports and so on, all or part of the Feedback and any other information that you provide through or relating to our Site or the Content. The License to the Foundation is in addition to any (if any) that you may be required to provide under any separate agreement between us and you (including grants or other agreements). 7. Indemnification You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Foundation and Third Parties, from and against any and all losses, damage, liability and costs of every nature incurred by any of them in connection with any claim, damage or loss related to or arising out of: the Content, use of the Site or related sites, any assistance or services provided by us or Third Parties, any alleged unauthorized use of the Site, or any breach or alleged breach by you of these Terms. You agree to cooperate fully in the defense of any of the foregoing. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to control exclusively the defense of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you and you will not settle any matter without our consent in a non-electronic record. Your obligation to indemnify, defend and hold harmless shall be limited to the extent that you are afforded sovereign immunity under applicable federal, state or local laws. In such cases where your obligation to indemnify may be limited due to the requirements of federal, state or local laws, you shall be responsible for the ordinary negligent acts and omissions of your agents and employees causing harm to persons not a party to this agreement. 8. NO WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS OR OTHER DUTIES THE SITE AND ALL CONTENT (regardless of who generates it), SITE FUNCTIONALITY, ASSISTANCE AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY SITE, THE FOUNDATION OR THIRD PARTIES (collectively, "COMPLETE SITE") ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND PROVIDED BY US OR THIRD PARTIES "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION, AND WITHOUT THE UNDERTAKING OF ANY DUTY, OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY (IF ANY) WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND ANY DUTY (IF ANY) OF WORKMANLIKE EFFORT OR LACK OF NEGLIGENCE. THE COMPLETE SITE IS PROVIDED: (1) WITH ALL FAULTS AND THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO SATISFACTORY QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, ACCURACY AND EFFORT IS WITH YOU; AND (2) WITHOUT ANY ASSURANCE, OR WARRANTY, CONDITION OR DUTY OF OR REGARDING: FUNCTIONALITY; PRIVACY; SECURITY; ACCURACY; AVAILABILITY; LACK OF: NEGLIGENCE, INTERRUPTION, VIRUSES OR OF OTHER HARMFUL CODE, COMPONENTS OR TRANSMISSIONS; OR THE NATURE OR CONSEQUENCES OF AVAILABLE CONTENT SUCH AS (WITHOUT LIMITATION) WHETHER SOFTWARE OR OTHER CONTENT IS SUBJECT TO ANY PARTICULAR LICENSE, OR WHETHER IT IS SUBJECT TO ANY RESTRICTIONS OR CONSEQUENCES THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERED BY ANY EXERCISE OF A RIGHT GRANTED UNDER THESE TERMS. ALSO, THERE IS NO WARRANTY BY US OR THIRD PARTIES OF TITLE OR AGAINST INFRINGEMENT OR INTERFERENCE WITH ENJOYMENT OF ANY ASPECT OF THE COMPLETE SITE. YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL OBTAIN (INCLUDING THROUGH DOWNLOAD) ANY CONTENT ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND YOU WILL BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RESULTING INFRINGEMENT, BREACH OF CONTRACT, CONSEQUENCE OR DAMAGE, INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) TO YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM OR LOSS OF DATA. 9. NO INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR CERTAIN OTHER DAMAGES TO THE FULL EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, YOU AGREE THAT NEITHER THE FOUNDATION NOR ANY OF THE THIRD PARTIES, WILL BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, DAMAGES FOR LOST PROFITS, FOR LOSS OF PRIVACY OR SECURITY, FOR LOSS OF REPUTATION, FOR FAILURE TO MEET ANY DUTY (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY DUTY OF GOOD FAITH OR LACK OF NEGLIGENCE OR OF WORKMANLIKE EFFORT), OR FOR ANY OTHER SIMILAR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER THAT ARISE OUT OF OR ARE RELATED TO ANY ASPECT OF THE COMPLETE SITE OR TO ANY BREACH OF THESE TERMS (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE PRIVACY NOTICE), EVEN IF WE OR A THIRD PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES AND EVEN IN THE EVENT OF FAULT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) OR STRICT OR PRODUCTS LIABILITY OR MISREPRESENTATION. 10. EXCLUSIVE REMEDY; DAMAGE LIMITATION YOU AGREE THAT YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY BREACH OF THESE TERMS (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE PRIVACY NOTICE) AND FOR ANY AGGREGATE DAMAGES DUE YOU (OR OTHERS RELATED TO YOU) BY THE FOUNDATION OR ANY OF THE THIRD PARTIES FOR ANY REASON RELATING TO ANY PART OF THE COMPLETE SITE, WILL BE AT OUR OPTION: (A) SUBSTITUTION, CORRECTION OR REPLACEMENT OF ALL OR PART OF THE CONTENT OR SERVICE CAUSING YOUR DAMAGE (IF ANY); OR (B) THE AMOUNT OF YOUR DAMAGES THAT ARE NOT EXCLUDED IN THE PRECEDING SECTION AND WHICH YOU ACTUALLY INCUR IN REASONABLE RELIANCE, WHICH AMOUNT WILL BE THE LESSER OF THE AMOUNT YOU ACTUALLY PAID US FOR THE ITEM CAUSING THE DAMAGE (IF ANY) OR THE AMOUNT OF SAID DAMAGES SO INCURRED. The damage exclusions and limitations in these Terms are independent and will apply even if any remedy fails of its essential purpose. 11. Linked Sites Our Links to Other Sites: Our Site may contain links to Web sites of third parties. We provide these links as a convenience, but do not endorse the linked site or anything on it. While their information, products, services and information may be helpful to you, they are independent entities and we do not control or endorse them. You agree that any visits to linked sites are at your own risk and governed by their privacy notices, statements, or policies (if any). Your Links to Our Site: You are not permitted to link or shortcut to our Site from your Web site, blog or similar application, without obtaining prior written permission from us. 12. Amendments You agree that from time to time we may alter (including adding or eliminating all or parts of provisions) these Terms, including but not limited to the Privacy Notice ("Amendments"). Amended versions of these Terms will take effect on the date specified for the amended version ("Effective Date") and will apply to all information that was collected before or after the Effective Date, including information in databases. You have no continuing right to use the Site – it is like a store and each time you visit you will be subject to the version of the Terms in effect on your visit. Like terms on the door to a store, those terms will change from time to time and the changes will be effective when they appear in a replacement version of these Terms as posted by us on the Site. No other Amendments will be valid unless they are in a paper writing signed by us and by you. Each time you return to the Site, you are responsible for checking the effective date of the then posted version of these Terms—if it is later than the date of the version last reviewed, the Terms have been changed and the new version should be reviewed before using the Site. USE OF THE SITE AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR CONSENT TO THE AMENDMENTS, SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BOUND BY AN AMENDED VERSION, DO NOT USE THE SITE AND CEASE ALL USE OF THE CONTENT OR SERVICES. 13. Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction These Terms and your use of the Site are governed by the laws of the State of Washington, U.S.A., without regard to its choice of law provisions, except where you are required by published governmental law, ordinance, regulation, directive, order, or the like (collectively, "Mandate") to contract for application of the law of your local jurisdiction. You hereby consent to exclusive jurisdiction of a state or federal court of general jurisdiction sitting in Spokane County, Washington, U.S.A. except to the extent you are prohibited from doing so by a Mandate. 14. Legal and Other Notices or Disclosures Notice to You: You agree that we may give all notices we are required to give you by posting notice on the Site or, if we have your email address, by sending notice by email at our discretion, including (without limitation), disclosures that we are required to give you, legal notices, notice of subpoenas or other legal process (if any), and all other communications. When we communicate by email, we may use any email address you provide when communicating with us or that we otherwise have in our records, so only supply to us an email address at which you are willing to receive all communications, including “legal” or potentially sensitive communications such as information about a job or grant application. You agree to check for notices posted on the Site. Notice to Us (Our Legal Notices Address): We receive many emails and not all employees are trained to deal with every kind of communication. Accordingly, you agree to send us notice by mailing it to the following ("Our Legal Notice Address"): Believe in Me 501 W. Riverside, Ste 201 Spokane, WA 99201 15. Termination or Cancellation; No Continuing Rights You have no continuing right to use the Site and we may deny or suspend access, or terminate or cancel this agreement with or without cause and at any time and without prior notice. This is so even if you elect to store documents on this site such as your resume for use in a job application or a draft of a grant application, so make your own copies of anything to which you want to ensure access. We may give notice of termination or cancellation in the same way that we may provide other notices. Termination or cancellation will not eliminate the surviving provisions of these Terms (see "Entire Agreement; Miscellaneous") and you will still be liable for obligations incurred before the agreement or access ended. 16. Entire Agreement; Miscellaneous These Terms, including the Privacy Notice , Amendments and any: (a) notices, terms and items incorporated into any of them; (b) additional terms and conditions contained on the Site for particular activities or Content; and (c) our disclosures and your consents provided on or in connection with the Site or any Content, service or other activity; constitute the entire agreement between you and the Foundation regarding the Complete Site or the subject matter of the foregoing (collectively, "Entire Agreement"). If any provision of the Entire Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, its remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect, provided that the allocation of risks described herein is given effect to the fullest extent possible. The foregoing does not impair the enforceability of additional agreements you enter into such as an agreement for a grant. Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. Time is of the essence of the Entire Agreement and there are no third party beneficiaries of it. The terms of this Section 16, Sections 3 and 4, 6 through 10, and 13 through 16, and our rights under the Privacy Notice will survive termination or cancellation of this Entire Agreement. You may print or make an electronic copy of the Entire Agreement for your official records; to the extent required by law, we hereby instruct you to do so. You may not assign these Terms or any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without our prior written consent. 17. Electronic Transactions We and each of the Third Parties may deal with you electronically now and in the future in their respective discretion during the entire course of activities pursued with you (e.g., applying for, obtaining, implementing, terminating and enforcing a grant or anything else), including but not limited to having you electronically sign documents and receive electronic notices. We and each of the Third Parties also reserves the right to deal non-electronically and to require you to do so. 18. Additional or Required Notices Various laws require or allow us to give users certain notices and each of them is incorporated into these Terms. Users may review the notices by clicking on their link: Notice: No Harvesting or Dictionary Attacks Allowed (this provides information about conduct that is unlawful under the U.S. CAN SPAM Act of 2003). Notice Re Trademarks (this provides notice regarding who owns the trademarks used on our Site and cautions against infringement). Notice Re Copyright Ownership (this provides notice regarding who owns the copyrights in the Site and its contents and cautions against infringement). Notice of Copyright Agent (this provides contact and other information regarding the Site's copyright agent who may be notified of claimed infringement). Notice of Availability of Filtering Software (this provides a notice under the U.S. Communications Decency Act). Notice: No Harvesting or Dictionary Attacks Allowed. The Foundation will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by it to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages except as authorized by law or appropriate Foundation personnel or policies. Except for parties authorized to have such addresses, persons may violate federal law if they: (1) initiate the transmission to our computers or devices of a commercial electronic mail message (as defined in the U.S. "CAN-SPAM Act of 2003") that does not meet the message transmission requirements of that act; or (2) assist in the origination of such messages through the provision or selection of addresses to which the messages will be transmitted. Notice Regarding Trademarks. The trademarks used in the Site are owned by (1) the Foundation or (2) their respective trademark owners, and are either trademarks or registered trademarks of the Foundation. The names of actual companies and products mentioned in the Site may be the trademarks of their respective owners. You may not use any of the above or other trademarks displayed on this Site or in any Content. All rights are reserved. Notice Regarding Copyright ownership: Copyright 2020 Believe in Me and/or its affiliates and suppliers. All rights reserved. All Services provided on the Site and any services or Content provided on any related site owned, operated, licensed or controlled by the Foundation or any of its units or affiliated entities (collectively, "Group"), are subject to intellectual property rights, contractual and other protections. The intellectual property rights are owned by the Foundation or others in the Group or their licensors (which may include you). Except for Available Content or Content that you own, no Content may be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted or transmitted in any way except pursuant to the express provisions of the Terms or with the prior non-electronic consent of the Foundation or its designee. Modification or use of the Available Content for any other purpose may violate intellectual property rights. No title to copies or to intellectual property rights are transferred to users—all title and rights remain with the Foundation or others in the Group. Notice Regarding Copyright Agent. The Foundation respects the intellectual property rights of others and requests that Site users do the same. Anyone who believes that their work has been infringed under copyright law may provide a notice to the designated Copyright Agent for the Site containing the following: An electronic or physical signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed; Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing and information reasonably sufficient to permit the Foundation to locate the material; The address, telephone number, and, if available, an email address at which the complaining party may be contacted; A representation that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; A representation that the information in the notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. Copyright infringement claims and notices should be sent in the following manner to: ​ Believe in Me 501 W Riverside Ave, Ste 201 Spokane, WA 99201 Notice of Availability of Filtering Software. We do not believe that the Site contains materials that would typically be the subject of filtering software and minors are not authorized to visit our Site. Nevertheless, all users are hereby informed that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. A report detailing some of those protections can be found at Children's Internet Protection Act: Report on the Effectiveness of Internet Protection Measures and Safety Policies. © 1999-2021 Believe in Me. All Rights Reserved. Restrictions on Use of Content Registration and Creating Profiles etc.; Attribution of Electronic Acts to You User Generated Content and Site Activities Privacy Notice Infringement of Our Rights or the Rights of Others; Your Warranty Feedback; Your License to Us Indemnification No Warranties, Conditions or Other Duties No Incidental, Consequential or Certain Other Damages Exclusive Remedy; Damage Limitation Linked Sites Amendments Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction Legal and Other Notices or Disclosures Termination or Cancellation; No Continuing Rights Entire Agreement; Miscellaneous Electronic Transactions Additional or Required Notices Terms of Use

  • History | Believe in Me

    The Beginning: 2006 Believe in Me has been dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of marginalized youth since 2006. Our history as an organization began with the Morning Star Boys' Ranch Foundation, which was founded to raise money for the Morning Star Boys' Ranch, a group home providing shelter, education, health care, and emotional and spiritual support for troubled boys. In 2009, our name changed to Morning Star Foundation. History 2006 - Present The Next 10 Years The next decade saw us expanding our reach to include serving girls and other charitable activities that benefit children and young people in need. This included supporting local organizations offering mentorship programs, educational assistance, and general support for underserved children. Believe in Me: 2021 In 2021 we announced a new platform designed to provide even more comprehensive support and resources for marginalized youth. We officially changed our name to Believe in Me, aligning with the organization's new vision to help every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Present Today, Believe in Me has become a leading advocate for the equity of all young people across the country. Our continued commitment is to use our platform to positively impact the lives of children and teens from all backgrounds by providing them with access to programs that will help them reach their full potential. We believe every child deserves a chance at a successful life no matter their circumstances.

  • Enrichment Program | Believe in Me

    Enrichment Program 5 Pillars of Caring Example Enrichment Programs Social Support and Community Building: Group activities, clubs, and gatherings to create a sense of belonging. Recreational Activities: Sports, arts, and other activities to build self-esteem and community. Adventure and Exploration Programs: Opportunities for youth to explore new environments, be it nature, a new city, or a different culture. This could involve hiking trips, city tours, or exchange programs. Career Pathway Programs: Tailored guidance and resources to help youth identify and pursue their dream careers. Storytelling Workshops: Platforms for marginalized youth to share their experiences, allowing them to process trauma, advocate for change, and establish identity. Art and Creativity Outlets: Programs offering training in arts, crafts, music, or dance, providing marginalized children a means to express themselves. Hobby Discovery Packages: Kits tailored to various hobbies such as reading age-appropriate books, painting, music, or DIY crafts, to help youth explore and develop new interests. Back to Our 5 Pillars Page Back to Our 5 Pillars Page Donate Volunteer Apply for a grant

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    This is the official website of Believe in Me (the Foundation) of Spokane, Washington. If you provide us with online information through this website, we will respect your privacy. Your visit to our website is subject to our Privacy and Security Policy. This policy and any statements made in it are not intended to, and in fact do not, create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party. Privacy Policy Believe in Me does not collect the domain name or e-mail address of visitors to our website, aggregate information on what pages users access or visit, or information volunteered by the user. Information is not shared with any other organizations for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to perform statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the site and to inform our agencies and departments of such information. Your Personal Information Believe in Me does not send electronic mail to its website users, unless requested or approved by you. Please contact us with your mailing address if you would like to be included on our mailing list. Notification of Changes We reserve the right to use user information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should review our privacy policy periodically. By using our site, you signify your assent to the Privacy and Security Policy. Your continued use of our site following any posted changes to the Privacy and Security Policy will mean that you accept those changes. Technology Usage We use ‘cookies’ to enhance your use of our website. “Cookies” are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. We do not use “cookies” to obtain any personally identifying information and accepting “cookies” does not give us access to your computer or personal information under any circumstances. Most web browsers automatically accept “cookies,” but you may change your browser to prevent this. You may experience problems with our website if you disable the “cookies option” on your computer. Third Parties We may utilize other companies and individuals to perform web-related functions on our behalf. We may also use other associated companies and individuals to better serve you, and if so, we would ask them to employ a Privacy and Security Policy at least as strict as ours. We will also disclose information we collect, if legally obligated to do so. No personal information of our guests is shared with these parties. Security Policy We utilize industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving user data exchanged within our website. Online Payment Security Believe in Me accepts payments for donations through our website. We make every reasonable effort to protect the safety and security of your online transaction; however we cannot and do not guarantee such safety or security. We use high-grade encryption and the “https security protocol” to communicate with your browser software. We believe this method to be the industry-standard security protocol at the time we adopted it, which makes it extremely difficult for anyone else to intercept the credit card information you send to us. We use the vital piece to internet security called SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) Easy to detect, you’ll know you’re on a secure web page if the web address begins with “https” rather than “http” and a padlock icon appears in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. Always look for these cues before entering sensitive information such as your credit card information. SSL uses a pair of asymmetric “keys” for encryption and decryption—one a public key and the other a private key. Essentially, data is locked with one key and unlocked with another. A string of numbers and letters is randomly generated by the encryption key and accompanies each piece of secured information. A decryption key is used when it reaches its destination, thereby securing information in transit. Copyrighted Information The design and content of this website is the property of Believe in Me. Design and content may be downloaded for personal use, but not for commercial purposes under any circumstance. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us . Policy Violations If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, feel free to contact us. ​ © 1999-2021 Believe in Me. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Your Personal Information Notification of Changes Technology Usage Third Parties Security Policy Online Payment Security Copyrighted Information Policy Violations Privacy Policy

  • Washington Huskies Football | Believe in Me

    Annual Gala A formal black tie affair at an upscale hotel, complete with cocktail hour, formal dinner, and entertainment. In-House Events Monthly gatherings to celebrate our cause while enjoying gourmet food, fine wine, and local artwork. Football Root for your favorite college team alongside one of our board members at a home WSU or UW football game. Basketball Join us as we celebrate Zag success on—and off—the court as we cheer on the Gonzaga men’s basketball team. Baseball Let us take you out to a Spokane Indians ballgame this summer. The hotdogs are on us! Hockey Start growing your playoff beard and attend a Seattle Kraken hockey game with us. Other Fundraising Events Join Us For Washington Huskies Football Washington Huskies Football Tickets Available November 6, 2021 • Time TBD UW v Oregon Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium Husky Heritage Premium Seats Section 106, Row 5 50 yd line tickets Interactive Map Learn More November 13, 2021 • Time TBD UW v Arizona State Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium Husky Heritage Premium Seats Section 106, Row 5 50 yd line tickets Interactive Map Learn More November 26, 2021 • Time TBD Apple Cup Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium Husky Heritage Premium Seats Section 106, Row 5 50 yd line tickets Interactive Map Learn More We Believe in the Value of Community Engagement We believe that there’s no better way to get to know prospective volunteers and donors than to spend some quality time and have a little fun together. For this reason, Believe in Me hosts a myriad of entertaining events throughout the year to allow us to have some fun while getting to know you a little better. All throughout the year, we put a spotlight on the causes that are important to us while letting our hair down, having some fun, and getting to know you! A Note on How Our Events Have Been Affected by Covid-19 Raising funds the traditional way has been challenged by the restrictions COVID-19 has placed on large events and gatherings. For this reason, we are especially grateful for our new space. Believe in Me moved to a new location in June 2020, designed to host small, intimate gatherings where we can safely get to know one another. The space is modern and open, allowing us to make friends while practicing social distancing. We are also innovating to provide a variety of networking opportunities, both virtually and outdoors, to build a robust network of friends who are passionate about helping kids. Cheer for Washington Huskies Football With Us You're in for a treat, whether you're a loyal Washington Huskies Football fan looking for spectacular tickets or are just interested in getting to know us better. We invite you to join us for an entire day where UW Huskies football is the main course in a feast of activities both before and after the game. Join in our traditions, sing the fight song , and show the Dawgs you believe in them! ​ With a minimum donation of $1,000 to Believe in Me, you will receive two tickets to a Washington Huskies Football game of your choice, subject to availability. Not only will you get to experience the game from the 50-yard line, but you'll get a chance to tailgate and cheer side-by-side with our board chairman, David Shriner. ​ Hurry, get your tickets before they're gone and GO DAWGS!

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    Grant Eligibility Pre-screening Thank You! Congratulations & Next Steps Thank you for completing the Grant Eligibility Pre-screening form for our grant application. Your responses indicate that you meet the criteria to move forward in the application process. What to Expect Next? Keep an eye on your inbox! You’ll receive an email announcing the opening of our grant application. Please read the application materials carefully and follow all the instructions. Gather grant-related materials and documentation ahead of time to prepare for your application. We will be accepting applications from September 1, 2024, to October 15, 2024. Please visit for more information. Have questions? Reach us at . We're excited to learn more about your program and how we can support youth empowerment through your nonprofit! Back to Grants Program Back to Our 5 Pillars Page Donate Volunteer Apply for a grant

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