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Believe in the Future...
One Kid at a Time

Invest in a nurturing and empowering world for children facing adversity.

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Community Support







Human Needs

23,670 Kids Positively Impacted in 2023

Kids playing and pulling a rope

With 100% of your donation supporting our five pillars of caring, we’re able to ensure that every dollar you give helps the kids who need it most. We focus on investing in initiatives that create sustainable change and maximize the impact of your donation.

Good Stewards With Every Donation Made

female volunteer smiling

Volunteers Make the Magic Come Alive

In order to funnel your donations directly to the programs that are important to you, we save money by relying on the myriad of talents in our volunteer pool. Their support frees up precious resources to put more funds towards helping kids. Thanks to the support of our dedicated volunteers, we’ve completely rebuilt our business processes to be more efficient and streamlined, and we’re just getting started! Here are some examples of the great work our volunteers do.

  • Providing oversight on our board of directors

  • Building, managing, and maintaining our website

  • IT support, information security, and logistical assistance

  • Bookkeeping and accounting support

  • Analytics and business intelligence expertise

  • Digital advertising and social media management

  • Event planning and coordination

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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