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As part of our diversification strategy, our Investments committee has made a strategic decision to allocate a portion of its liquid assets for investment in start-up companies that show significant promise in the Spokane community. Believe in Me has provided capital for these companies primarily through convertible debt instruments, and minority ownership stakes in the company. Volunteers on the board of directors also provide professional business advice and mentorship to these developing businesses. We believe in Spokane.

Kids Benefit from a Strong, Healthy Community


Believe in Me has invested in Medcurity which was founded in Spokane, WA., by Joe Gellatly and Amanda Hepper. Their team has decades of experience in healthcare, technology, and compliance. Medcurity was formed to help healthcare organizations manage complex HIPAA and security requirements in one powerful platform. Medcurity helps health care organizations conduct security risk analysis with confidence, create policies and procedures tailored to your organization, and manage your business associates agreements in a 100% digital environment.

Inherent Biosciences

We believe that guesswork and trial and error medicine lead to severe pain and suffering. We discover what is inherent in our biology about the unexplained in... infertility, embryo quality, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fetal heart disease, COVID-19, drug response, chemotherapy exposure. Our vision is to revolutionize trial and error medicine and restore hope.

Kick-Start IV

Believe in Me is amongst the group of investors that have pooled their resources to help launch regional startups through Kick-Start IV, the fourth such angel investment fund composed of Spokane investors. Kick-Start IV will primarily target equity investments in seed and early-stage companies based in Eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana,” Simpson says. “The fund has the flexibility to invest up to 30% of its capital into adjacent regions—Boise, Portland, and Seattle, for example,” Simpson says the fund will work with members of the Spokane Angel Alliance, Ignite Northwest’s Technology Growth Fund, Mind to Market, and other angel and venture capital funds to secure incremental capital for the companies in which Kick-Start IV invests.

Gestalt Diagnostics

Gestalt Diagnostics provides software modules, industry leading connectivity, and support services to empower pathologists, generate objective and reproducible results, increase productivity and efficiency, and significantly reduce the diagnostic error rate for laboratories of all sizes. Gestalt’s technology provides digital pathology using artificial intelligence and industry leading connectivity and services.

Arevo Health

Arevo Health helps companies better manage their employee health plans. Today 26,000 US companies self-insure their health plan benefits. The Arevo solution collects and analyzes expense data from multiple plan vendors, the employer, and employees to empower employers for the first time to effectively manage their health benefit spend. Their vendor agnostic system provides the technology to drive transparency into the heavily conflicted healthcare marketplace.


OddJobbers is a web-based startup that connects college students with residents needing work done, such as yard maintenance, pet sitting, moving furniture, snow shoveling, house painting and even music lessons. The startup was founded in April 2018 and is growing with the leadership of their founders and board of directors, including Believe in Me's David Shriner.


With 250+ spices, blends, herbs, chiles, salts, confections, fruit and vegetable powders and modernist ingredients, it's no wonder that Spiceology's grind fresh, deliver fresh philosophy is loved by professional and home chefs alike.


Vega is a group of industry experts who strive to help make it easier to consume and manage public cloud infrastructure. They have over a decade of hands-on experience managing production infrastructure in the cloud. Their mission is to give organizations the freedom to innovate and efficiently deliver world-class products and services. Their vision is to be the trusted platform in making technology management easier for businesses consuming public cloud.

Spokane Angel Alliance

The Spokane Angel Alliance (SAA) is the largest and most active angel investor group focused on investing in emerging companies in Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Believe in Me is proud to be counted amongst the over 100 individuals and corporate members of SAA. The SAA meets six times per year to review investment presentations from selected companies. Over the last 10 years, members of the SAA have invested over $54 million in 46 companies. SAA primarily invests in companies headquartered in Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana; but occasionally invests in companies based in adjacent regions. These investments are typically structured as preferred stock, common stock, or convertible promissory notes. Investment amounts vary widely.


Drip7 is a cybersecurity training platform aimed at educating users on an employee level in safer, smarter cyber practices. Founded in Spokane, WA by visionary Heather Stratford, Drip7 has disrupted the cyber training space through the gamification of compliance training with a microlearning-based delivery. Drip7 is different because it is based on providing mobile, consistent training to encourage engagement and skill development while creating measurable behavior change.

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