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Believe in Me

Grant Eligibility

Ready to take your youth empowerment program to the next level?

Believe in Me Grants are here to help you shine your light and make a real impact on kids. Here’s the scoop on our grant eligibility requirements.


501(c)(3) Status: Your nonprofit needs to be a certified 501(c)(3). Tax-exempt status is the name of the game.

Serving in Our Backyard: We're focusing on Washington, North Idaho, Oregon, and nearby communities. If you're helping marginalized kids here, we're all ears.

Align with Our Pillars: Your mission should match at least one of our Five Pillars of Caring. One grant request per pillar, just to keep things cozy.

Money Matters: Keep those numbers straight – we're talking budgets and financial records. Got receipts? This is a must.

Down to the Details: If you get the green light, you'll need the nitty-gritty details – invoices, receipts, all the IRS-approved info to show where the funds go.

Funding Limits: Asking for a grant? Think between $5,000 and $15,000. That's our sweet spot.

Who's on Board: Tell us about your key staff and their roles. 

Get Structured: Board of directors? Check. Management and accountability? Got it. You're on track!

Pre-Award Due Diligence Workshop: Join us for a 30-minute chat – virtual or in-person – to sync up on your program, set shared goals, and ace that grant impact. A pre-award must-do for grant eligibility – let's make it happen!

Eligibility Criteria

What Our Grants Don't Cover

Personal payments? Nope.
Indirect costs? Nah.
Payroll and salaries? Pass.
Admin expenses? Not our jam.
Deficits and fundraising? Not in our playbook.
Lobbying? Sorry, not in the mix.


Ready to Roll?

If you're still here with us, then here's your next step. Submit the Grant Eligibility Pre-screening Form. The journey to youth empowerment with Believe in Me Grants starts now!

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