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Save Money on Your Taxes With

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Don't need as much retirement savings as you thought?


See how making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) can help you!

How Do Qualified Charitable Distributions Work to Help Marginalized Kids?

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Consult With Your Wealth Management Advisor For the Best Advice

The content found on this site is general in nature and intended to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be relied upon as legal, tax, accounting, or other professional advice. To determine how a gift or estate planning decision might affect your particular circumstances, you should consult an attorney, financial advisor, or other qualified professional.

Signing Paperwork

Did you know that you can continue helping marginalized kids long after your lifetime? All you have to do is name Believe in Me as a beneficiary of your retirement account, and the remaining assets (or a portion thereof) will be used to help provide marginalized kids with a safe place to call home, a family that loves them, a feeling of community, and opportunities to learn, build self-esteem, and have fun.

Show Kids You Care by Designating Believe in Me as Your Beneficiary

Are You ​
Old Enough?

You must be at least

70 1/2 years old

Do You Have
Excess Retirement Funds?

You must have retirement

funds you do not need

Calculate your

*required minimum distribution

Have You Contacted
Your Financial Planner?
Do You Want to Start Helping Kids Right Away?

Your generosity goes directly to to helping marginalized kids

Learn What's Required to Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution

*If you are 70 1/2 years old or older, your qualified charitable distribution can count towards your required minimum distribution!

Reduce Your

Taxable Income

When you take distributions from your retirement account, they are considered taxable income.


The good news is if you transfer them directly to a charity, you can reduce your taxable income while satisfying your required minimum distribution (RMD).

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Fulfill Your

Required Minimum Distribution

After you turn 72, you are required to begin distributing funds from your retirement account. You may be subject to a significant penalty if you do not make a required minimum distribution. 


You can satisfy your required minimum distribution by making a qualified charitable contribution of up to $100,000 per individual or $200,000 per couple.

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Help Give Struggling

Kids A Leg Up

When you support Believe in Me with a gift from your retirement account, you can make an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of the kids we serve, who you empower with the self-confidence they need to succeed.

Believe in a kid today!

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Three Great Reasons to Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution

Ally Wealth Management
Ameritrade Wealth management
Betterment Wealth Management
Charles Schwab Investment Management
Fidelity Investments
JPL Financial
Merrill Lynch of America
TIA Wealth management
Rose Price Wealth Manage,ent
Vanguard Investments
Wells Fargo Investments

Get Started by Contacting Your IRA Administrator Today!

Have More Questions About Gifting Your Life insurance To Believe in Me?

Talk To One Of Our Experts.

As Chief Executive Officer, I help people understand how they can save money on taxes by making a qualified charitable distribution. What does that mean? I am the person responsible for cultivating relationships with individuals who may be interested in making these types of gifts. I’d be happy to sit down, get to know you in person, and share more information about our program.


Chief Executive Officer

Julie Wukelic, MBA

As Development Director I oversee all of the organization's fundraising and help manage relationships with our company's financial partners. My quests include planning fundraising events, interacting with new and former donors to encourage ongoing contributions, and helping seek out opportunities for financial support through grants, sponsorships, long-term giving, qualified charitable distributions, and more. I also want to maintain a respectful reputation for our Believe in Me Foundation and any nonprofit we represent. After all, it is all about giving back to those kids less fortunate than ourselves.


Development Director

Paul Sorensen

I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors throughout my life, and I understand that I would not be the individual I am today without my parents, mentors, and coaches coming alongside me when I needed it most. It is a privilege and my duty to return the favor. I have had a heart for those going through difficult times since I was in middle school and began going on mission trips to build homes in Mexico and feed the homeless in San Francisco. This position provides the opportunity to combine my desire to help and serve, with my passion for finance and maximizing opportunities for all parties involved.


Volunteer Charitable Giving Advisor

Colin Prestesater

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"We are truly excited to witness the influx of innovative programs from passionate applicants, all of whom share our unwavering commitment to our Five Pillars of Caring and the empowerment of marginalized youth."

-Julie Wukelic, CEO of Believe in Me

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