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Believe in Me
Grant Application Process

Empowering Youth

One Step at a Time

Welcome to the Believe in Me Grant Application Process page, your gateway to fostering positive change through youth empowerment. Embark on a guided journey that demystifies the application process, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Each step is designed to help you make a meaningful impact while navigating the application process with confidence. Join us in this transformative journey and unlock your organization’s potential to create a brighter future for the youth we serve.

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Step 1: Pre-Screening Stage

  • Familiarize Yourself: Begin at our comprehensive Grants Overview Page to grasp the ins and outs of our Youth Empowerment Grants Program.

  • Assess Fit: Visit our Grant Program Eligibility Page to review our eligibility criteria.

  • Get Started: Fill out the Grant Eligibility Pre-Screening Form to pre-qualify for our application process. One submission per organization, please.

  • Confirm Qualification: If you pass our Pre-Screening stage, you’ll receive an email confirming the next steps. 


Check out our Grants Overview, assess eligibility, and submit the Pre-Screening Form for Youth Empowerment Grants - your path to success!

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Step 2: Open Application Phase

  • Check Your Inbox: If you’ve passed our Pre-Screening stage, you will receive an email once our grant applications open. This will include a unique link to your pre-filled grant application form as well as a PDF of the blank form.

  • Save the Date: Your email will also include an invitation to our live Grant Application Information Session at noon on the 1st Wednesday in September. Be sure to download the calendar invite to secure time on your calendar. 

Join our Zoom Meeting

1st Wed in Sep. at noon

Meeting ID: 845 5163 0582
Passcode: 852033

  • Prepare to Learn: Review the blank application, note questions, and prep for the Grant Application Info Session. 

  • Watch the Tutorial: If you missed the session, no worries. Click Here to watch the most recent video recording.

  • Gather Essential Items: Examples of what you’ll need include your IRS letter of determination, most recent 990, audited financial statements, operational budget, and program budget, to name a few. Download a comprehensive list of items to gather to streamline your process.

  • Complete the Application: Begin working through the application and save your progress frequently! We do not accept paper submissions of the form. Here's a blank application for you to review.


After passing Pre-Screening, you'll receive a pre-filled grant application, an invite to our info session, and essential tips for success—don't wait until the last day!

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  • Save Your Progress: Thanks to our Save button, you won’t need to complete the entire application in one sitting. 

  • Use the New Link: Once you press SAVE, you will receive a NEW link to your saved application via email. Going forward, do not use the link provided in your original grant application invitation email as it will not contain the saved information.

  • Don’t Procrastinate: Our application is 24 pages long, so it will be very difficult to submit a quality application if you wait until the last day to work on it. 

  • We’ve Got Your Back: Starting a week before the deadline, we’ll start sending out daily reminders to help you get your application submitted on time.

  • Schedule Your Workshop: Your application will not be considered eligible until you’ve completed a Due Diligence Workshop with our Grants Administration Team. The Due Diligence Workshop must be scheduled after you’ve submitted the application and before October 20.


Step 3: Grants Administration Committee Review

  • Showcase Your Commitment: To move forward for consideration, gather your team and attend your Due Diligence Workshop to confirm your program details, fine-tune your SMART goals, and maximize impact to empower youth together.

  • Play the Waiting Game: After your Due Diligence Workshop, our Grants Administration Committee will meet to review your application, make funding decisions, and recognize your impact.


Attend a Due Diligence Workshop to refine your program details and goals, then await the Grants Administration Committee's funding decisions as they recognize your impact.

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Step 4: Award Process

  • Grant Award Announcement: We will host a Grant Award Announcement Ceremony live online on December 8 at noon PST. Keep an eye out for the invitation via email. We’ll announce the winners live! Here’s the recording of last year’s event.

Grant Award Ceremony

Friday, December 8 at noon

Join our Zoom Meeting

  • Sign the Grant Award Agreement: Shortly after the live event, we will email you your official Grant Award Agreement. Upon submission, you will be required to schedule your check presentation.

  • Gather Your Team: During your official check presentation, we will present your program with a big check, take pictures, and conduct a video interview with one of your representatives. These will be used to promote your organization’s alignment with our mission.

  • Delivery of Funds: Checks will be sent out via USPS on or before January 15.


Gather your team for a celebratory Grant Award Announcement event, sign the Grant Award Agreement, schedule your check presentation, and receive funds by Jan. 15.

impact reporting

Step 5: Impact Reporting

  • Sustain Momentum! Join our Impact Reporting Info Session on March 1 to learn how to prepare for the upcoming impact reports. Use this link to access the Zoom Meeting.

  • Stay on Track: Impact reports are due on May 15, Sep 15, and Jan 15. Visit our Grants Reporting page for more details.


 Mark your calendars for our Impact Reporting Info Session on March 1, and remember to submit impact reports by May 15, Sep 15, and Jan 15 to keep the momentum going!

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Helpful Resources

Save the Date

Mark your calendar for the upcoming Grant Application Info Session. You won't want to miss this!

Grant Application Info Session

Missed our Grant Application Info Session? Watch the recording and learn everything you need to know.

Sample Application

Before diving head-long into the application, get a sneak peek by downloading the full form here. 

Essential Documents

We recommend downloading this helpful list of essential documents you'll need to gather to complete your application.

SMART Goal Setting

If you could use a little help with setting your SMART goals, we've got a step-by-step tutorial to help you.

Receipt Management

Download this worksheet to get an idea of what documents are required after your organization is granted with an award.

We Are Here To Help! 

For inquiries about the application process or the program, please call our office at 509.488.1413, email our team at, or plan to join Live Office Hours with our Grants Administrator on weekdays at 11:00 am.

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"We are truly excited to witness the influx of innovative programs from passionate applicants, all of whom share our unwavering commitment to our Five Pillars of Caring and the empowerment of marginalized youth."

-Julie Wukelic, CEO of Believe in Me

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