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Success with
Transparency, Trust, & Innovation

Good Stewards With Every Donation Made

​​Believe in Me is committed to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity. Our annual reports and tax filings demonstrate our ongoing efforts to steward our assets judiciously and diversify our funding sources. Through our grantmaking, we provide a wide range of financial support to nonprofits that serve our community’s children and their most pressing needs.

Small, one-time or recurring, donations made by an individual or household.

Consists of selling event tickets and soliciting donations at events.

Large, one-time or recurring, donations made by an individual or household.

Donations consisting of goods, services, or time rather than cash.

Includes charitable trusts, annuities, and tools that provide income to donors.

Funds donated through a will or a documented estate plan.

Social and philanthropic initiatives launched by a company; donating to support and advocate for our joint mission.

Income from interest payments, dividends, capital gains collected upon the sale of securities or other assets.

Learn how the Foundation invests in Spokane-based startup companies.

How We Raise Funds

Governance and Policies

Embrace the spirit of transparency and heartfelt governance at Believe in Me, where our actions are guided by unshakable ethics, love, and a deep-seated respect for every life we touch.

This is our promise to always act with kindness and honesty in everything we do. We work hard to make the world better and keep our hearts in the right place.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy means we always choose what’s best for our mission, not what’s best for us personally. Your trust and our projects come first!

Speaking up is brave! Our Whistleblower Policy protects our friends who tell us if something’s not right. It’s important to always do the right thing and keep each other safe.

Your information is safe with us! Dive into our Privacy Policy to see how we protect your information and keep it just between us.

We're proud to show you our official IRS Determination letter! This super-important letter proves we're a tax-exempt family. Peek inside and see our star status!

We treasure everyone’s creations and ideas! Our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policies share how we respect and protect all the cool stuff we and others make.

Our look is special, just like our mission! Peek into our Brand Guidelines to see how to share our name and logo the right way.

Get To Know The Stewards Of Our Financial Portfolio

Rule Follower. I use my experience in healthcare management, patient privacy, HIPAA, compliance, and auditing to dig into the heart of it all; building and strengthening relationships based on trust and transparency.


Lori Brennan, MBA, RHIA, CHC


  • Corporate Compliance & Privacy Manager: Inland Northwest Region, Multicare Health System

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Board of Directors since April 2019

  • Chair, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee

  • Member, Grants Administration Committee


  • MBA, Western Governors University

  • B.S. Health Administration, University of Phoenix

Diplomatic Liaison. I like to bring people together and help find common benefits to maximize value for the participants. And in so doing over the span of time and deals, add just a bit to the global good.

Board Member

Dan Menser


  • Chairman, Alliance of Angels

  • General Counsel, Teal Communications, Inc.

  • Member of the Board of Advisors, Pollen System Corporation & Everyvine Corporation

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee

Education / Awards:

  • J.D. Program - Cum Laude, Seattle University School of Law

  • B.A. Finance - Cum Laude, Washington State University

Solutions Architect. I have been active in economic development matters across Washington State. I'm passionate about serving youth and contributing to community development.

Board Member

John Powers


  • Founder and CEO, Powers Economics

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Board of Directors since August 2022

  • Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee

Education / Awards:

  • BBA Business Administration - Finance, University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business

  • Juris Doctorate - Law, Gonzaga University School of Law

Legal Eagle. I serve as the Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Eastern Washington University and the Alumni Advisory Board for the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at Washington State University.

Board Member

Keith Trefry


  • Partner, Paine Hamblen LLP

  • Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Eastern Washington University

  • Alumni Advisory Board for the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Washington State University.

Committee Positions:

  • Member, Board of Directors since August 2022

  • Member, Finance, Property Management, and Investments Committee


  • B.A. Pre-Law, Cum Laude, Washington State University

  • JD Law, Cum Laude, Gonzaga University School of Law

Investing in the Future Today

Founded in 2006, Believe in Me is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to continually improving the lives of the children we serve. We focus on building long-term community assets in order to provide support for those in need. Our team of dedicated professionals works to ensure the resources we provide are effectively utilized, and that our donors’ charitable goals are met. We invite you to join us in our mission to strengthen and support our community’s kids by investing in Believe in Me today. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. Thank you for your support.

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