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Acevedo Family
James Adams

Anonymous Donor

Virginia Arnoux

Berney Family

Beyersdorf Mulloy Fund

Shalini Bhat

Briggs Family

Loree Broderick

Cannon Family

Eric Christiansen

Mary Cooper

Corn Family

Crow Family

Bernadette Curry

Lisa Cushman

Stacey Davis

Shannon Demant

Deroshia Family

Lesley Dock

Lesley Dock

Bethany Ellis

Karin Engstrom

Patricia Ewers

Ronald Fetters

Glocking Family

Megan Gomez

Mary Lou Goolie

Josh Grant

Greater Spokane Elks Lodge

Margaret Hammer

Sue Harbel

Jackie Hedenstorm

Highlands Hospitality

Brande Hune

Jarvis Family

Kate Kamerrer

Claudette Kenmir

Carol Kowzau

Horace Mason

Marjorie McFaul

Morgan Family

James Morrison

Beverly Moser

Jonathan Oglesby

Partch Family

Patterson Family

Brian Poletti

Ashley Powers

James Prince

Theresa Reisenauer

Richard Repp

Aaron Riley

Robert (Dr.) Robinson

Delores Rodgers

Diana Rogers

Debi Sapp

Jemima Scarpelli

Zane Schafer

Richard Schroeder

Betty Seablom

Alice Sidlow

James Silverstri

Andrea Simmerman

Chris Sjoblom

Aleksandr Solodyankin

Sharon Strobridge

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Laura Treece

Laura Watson

Joseph Whipple

Pat Whipple

Scott Wilburn

Shana Wilhelm

Rita Wirtz

Charlotte Worthy

Brooke Wright

Geoffrey Wukelic

Hailey Zimmerman


Corporate Sponsorship

We appreciate our relationships with local businesses for sponsorship and alignment with our mission. Corporate philanthropy plays an integral role in the strategy of many Spokane companies because customers and employees alike tend to transact positively with organizations that join our cause. 

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Media Partners

Media partnerships are collaborations that are can help us to raise the visibility of our cause. These partners are an essential part of our strategy, providing us with space to promote our mission, our grants, and our event.  We extend our deepest gratitude for our media partnerships that have helped us in the past few months.

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Thank You

To Our Many Generous Supporters 

The work of The Foundation depends on the commitment and generosity of private philanthropy. We gratefully want to acknowledge the individuals, corporations, and foundations who continue to help make The Foundation work possible. Our volunteers, donors, and partners are helping to fund children’s charities that provide marginalized kids with a safe place to call home, a family that loves them, a feeling of community, and opportunities to learn, build self-esteem, and have fun.


Memorial Donor

In Memory Of:

Karin Engström

Sonya Marie Gilstrap 

Clyde & Elizabeth Ries

Tom (Thomas) Flahavin

Sharon Strobridge

Lee Strobridge

Mary & Bob Morgan

Carole & Benny Jones


Joseph & Josephine Robino

Br. Tony Cannon

Susan Kirkeby

Carol Kowzau

Lee Strobridge

Jame & Bernice Adams

Dr. Robert Adams & Florence Adams

Virginia Arnoux

Henry G. Arnoux

Mary Goolie (Monthly Donation)

Frank Goolie, Ed, Alberta, David Mauro & Jeanette

Charlotte Worthy

Richard Worthy

smiley elderly woman with a birthday cake

Karin Engström´s tribute donation in memory of her aunt Sonya contributes to our mission to one day live in a world where every kid develops the self-coincidence they need to succeed.

We remember Sonya for her grateful heart, her genuine interest in and concern for others, and her positive attitude even in the face of difficulties. We also remember Sonya for her memories and the stories she shared, and we will now live on with questions we would have liked to ask her as she recalled so much about family and community.

Talking with her friends and family after her death - the consistency of how she treated people is evident. The same words permeate all memories - supportive, interested, inspiring, encouraging, accepting, and sweet. Sonya sought to understand the reasoning, and preferences and gained interest herself. She believed in everyone.

Donor Spotlight

Karin Engström

Non-Cash Donations

Gifts from donors can come in many different forms. In-kind gifts are donations of goods, services, or time, in lieu of cash. In-kind gifts can be both tangible and intangible. Non-cash gifts are an important source of the Morning Star Foundation’s revenue, especially during times of economic downturn. In-kind donations are also a good way to cultivate support and build capacity for the Foundation while freeing up our cash for other operating expenses. 


Shalini Bhat

If Shalini were a superhero, her power would be to grant happiness to everyone. She certainly is our Happiness Hero with her abilities and talents with Salesforce. She is working her way to becoming a master on the platform and wants to become a Salesforce technical architect.

Wes Adams

Deepti Aggarwal

Shafiel Ali

Michael Bethely

Shalini Bhat

Rucita Bhatia

Malaika Chandler

Douglas Copenspire

Schuyler Dunphy

Fatima Abd Elmajid

Thomas Fehse

Avonlea Fisher

Gary French

Poonam Gillurkar

William Hu

Arjun Jain

Jason Jung

Sujai Karunakaran

Lance Laurier

Trupti Lone

Nathan Luu

Alexandra Martinez

Ernest McLeod

Mai Nguyen

Mary O’Shea

Alexsander Petrenko

Philip Priolo

Preston Robertson

Jeremiah Sargent

Matthew Schafer

Betty Seablom

Priyanka Shankar

Medhaa Shankar

Sonya Shen

Mina Shin

Bryan Smith

Shirisha Thunikipati

Tai Tran

Jinoo Varghese

Vani Vellaturi

Nolan Winn

Andrew Wittwer

Michael Wukelic

Claire Xiao

Volunteer Spotlight

Shalini Bhat

Salesforce Administrator Volunteer

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A Life Well Lived

Feb. 8, 1933 - Jan. 20, 2021

The Morning Star Foundation was honored to have Bob Morgan serve on the Board. He embodied the different areas that the Foundation believes every kid should develop to have the self-confidence they need to succeed: Home. Family. Friends. Learning and Fun. 

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