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Eric Agnew

Jamie Albertini

Richard Alex Repp

Alyssa Ando

Spencer Ansett

Nick Auble

Bonnie Avery

Tim Ayers

Chandler Baird

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Erica Baty

Ka Baty

Johnnie Beans Jr

Austin Billeter

Blake Bledsoe

Matthew Boles

Dave Bozett

Tim Brandle

Julia Bredin

Scott Brewer

Laurene and Steve Burton

Eric Camp

Tom Casagrande

Darren Case

Bob Castle

Eric Centenari

Alex Cey-Morrow

Kellen Clute

Sean Coen

Kevin Cox

Barry and Bernadette Curry

Leslie Czernik

Jim Czirr

Christian Davenny

Jeffrey Davenny

Christopher Davis

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Jason Day

Chris DeCleur

Shannon Demant

Candace Diems

Kiantha Duncan

Teo Elliot Damitio

Scott Ferguson

John Fritz

Pete Fronte

Nick Gerard

Fielding Glowrance Gladden

Michael and Rexanne Glockling

Burdette Greeny

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Andy Hastings

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Andy James

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Michael Kelsey

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Andrew Kusuda

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Jeff Lyman

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Wellness Patriots

Chris Patterson

Anthony Patterson

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Jason Paull

Sarah Peterson

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Ken Pickens

Lindsey Pinckney

Frederic Poust

John Powers

John Powers III

Colin and Kelsey Prestesater

Colin Prestesater

Stephen Preston

Ramsey Pruchnic

Shayla Prutsman

Teagan Purpura

Bonny Putney

Jason Ramsey

Debra Raub

Kale Reichersamer

Richard Repp

Kyle Rezin

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Dan Roark

Hillary Robbins

Joseph Rossetti

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Venessa Rudd

Lisa Ruggles

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Jeremy Schuiteman

Betty Seablom

Jeremiah Shakespeare

Thuy Silva

Jeff Simmelink

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Connor Skinner

Lawrence Smith

Oleg Solodyankin

Alex Solodyankin

Paul Sorensen

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Gary Stickel

Steve Stockton

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Zelda Swain

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Eric Thun

Tim Tonani

John Twining

Alan Unis, M.D.

Jordan Urness

David Van Belle

Vani Vellaturi

Adam Wabs

Steven Walther

Logan Webbenhurst

Edwin Webster

Peter Weitzman

Doug Wellsandt

Clancy Welsh

Gregory West

Scott and Tracie Wetzel

Jane Wich

Jess Wiedel

Valerie Wilkerson

Melissa Williams

Heather Wilson

Michael and Julie Wukelic

Lynn Zahniser


Corporate Sponsorship

We appreciate our relationships with local businesses for sponsorship and alignment with our mission. Corporate philanthropy plays an integral role in the strategy of many Spokane companies because customers and employees alike tend to transact positively with organizations that join our cause. 

Media Partners

Media partnerships are collaborations that are can help us to raise the visibility of our cause. These partners are an essential part of our strategy, providing us with space to promote our mission, our grants, and our event.  We extend our deepest gratitude for our media partnerships that have helped us in the past few months.


Thank You

To Our Many Generous Supporters 

The work of The Foundation depends on the commitment and generosity of private philanthropy. We gratefully want to acknowledge the individuals, corporations, and foundations who continue to help make The Foundation work possible. Our volunteers, donors, and partners are helping to fund children’s charities that provide marginalized kids with a safe place to call home, a family that loves them, a feeling of community, and opportunities to learn, build self-esteem, and have fun.

Donor Spotlight

John Powers lll

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our generous donors, John Powers III. As the son of one of our board members and a successful commercial real estate agent at NAI Black, John is a shining example of someone who uses their success to give back to their community.


John believes in creating opportunities through hard work and research and utilizes his confidence and abilities to develop a strong network of satisfied customers and clients. Before joining NAI Black, he worked for several Seattle and Puget Sound-based companies where he specialized in retail leasing and restaurant business, including a commercial real estate company he co-founded in Bellevue, WA. At that company, he was the Marketing Manager and Director of restaurant sales. He was responsible for taking the company from a small office start-up to being recognized as one of Washington's industry leaders in restaurant sales. Despite his impressive professional accomplishments, what truly sets John apart is his big heart and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

We are grateful for John's support and generosity. He is a shining example of how we can all make a difference in the world by using our talents and resources to support causes close to our hearts. Thank you, John, for being a part of the Believe in Me family and for your commitment to creating a brighter future for marginalized youth.


Julia Parmann was more than just a volunteer; she was a vibrant and passionate person who left a lasting impact on those around her. As a Believe in Me volunteer, we were very saddened to learn that she passed away shortly after our  2022 golf tournament, but her legacy lives on through her work with the Blazen Divaz. She deeply loved parades and had been involved in them since she was a child. She continued to work on choreography and details of the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association's Lighting Ceremony Parade until the day she passed away. 

Adam Ackerman

Brandee Ackerman

Jorgelina Alba

Alene Alexander

Phil Anderson

Karly Basham

Shelby Berkompis

Machaiah Bradshaw

Amberly Breja

Lori Brennan

Kathleen Cave

Karen Conlon

Teo Damitio

Stacey Davis

Casey Dunham

Heather Dunn

Elaine Eberly

Cory Edwards

Bethany Ellis

Kelly Erickson

Cameryn Flynn

Logan Foster

Brianna Gilge

Mari Gilge

Rexanne Glockling

Michael Glockling

Jada Graham

Nancy Grissom

Breanna Harper

Jeanne Helfer

Calley Janson

Alexis Johnson

Kevin Jones

Kayla Kees

Janie Rue Kein

Jaci Kruse

Tiana Lavrova

Laura Lesser

Mary Lien

Michelle Lonero

Joe Lonero

Tiffany Loveless

Matthew Loveless

Kay Mills

Steve Mills

Terri Mosher

Darla Nguyen

Connie Nielsen

Joseph Parapeedikail

John Parmann

Julia Parmann

Colin Prestesater

Mary Reno

Patricia Richardson

Aaron Riley

Shea Rubright

Tonya Rutan

Matthew Schafer

Betty Seablom

Mina Shin

Darcy Sinsley

Jean Slagle

Julie Sleep

Lillian Sowa

April Stallinga

Karen Stebbins

Gay Stuhlmiller

Jake Summers

Kathy Tessendorf

Tai Tran

Daisy Tran

Jenn Trujillo

Justin Vallicoff

Kyrstin Vens

Shelley Webb

Jared Webster

Christina Wingfield

Joshua Woods

Michael Wukelic

Volunteer Spotlight

Julia Parmann

Golf Tournament Volunteer

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