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Community Support

5 Pillars of Caring


Community Support


  • Mental Health Services: Many of these youths have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect. Access to therapy and counseling is vital.

  • Transportation: Access to public transportation or programs that provide bicycles or vehicles.

  • Legal Assistance: Especially for those with past legal issues, or those facing discrimination.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment: Many may need help in this area, especially if they have turned to substances to cope.

  • Long-term Follow-up and Support: Ensuring that progress is maintained and support is available as they transition out of programs.

  • Financial Assistance: Grants, scholarships, or microloans for education, starting a business, or securing housing.

  • Support in Transitional Phases: Especially for older foster youth, aiding in the transition to independent living or higher education.



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