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Enrichment Programs

Building Self-Esteem & Having Fun

Enrichment Opportunities

In a world where many kids feel isolated and alone, enrichment programs provide a much-needed outlet for creativity and expression. They provide a safe space for kids to explore their identities and talents, without judgment or discrimination. They also offer an opportunity to build important social skills and form lasting bonds with other children. Perhaps most importantly, enrichment programs give kids a chance to have fun and just be kids. 

Why Enrichment Programs Are Important For Marginalized Youth

When life is harsh and unforgiving, enrichment programs provide a much-needed respite for kids. All children deserve the chance to participate in enrichment programs, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. Every kid deserves the chance to shine.


  • Only 15% of low-income kids have attended a play or concert

  • Only 7% of low-income get to go to summer camp

  • Students with access to arts education are 5x less likely to drop out of school

  • Only 4% of all public elementary schools offer theatre instruction

  • Students participating in band or orchestra have the lowest levels of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs use among any group in our society

  • Low-income kids are 6 times more likely to quit sports due to costs

How Enrichment Programs Can Help

It is essential for all youth to have opportunities to explore their creativity and identity. Theater, music, sports, art, exploring outside, and gardening are all enrichment programs that can help youth develop important life skills. Participating in these activities can make a real difference in the lives of marginalized youth and help them reach their full potential.

Helping Marginalized Kids Build Self-Esteem and Have Fun

Many kids feel alone and lost in a world that can be harsh and judgemental. 


It's hard to be a kid these days. You have to worry about school, social media, fitting in, and so much more. It's easy to feel like you don't fit in or that you're doing something wrong.

Believe in Me funds enrichment programs that offer a safe space for kids to be themselves and explore their talents. With your help, they are making friends, learning important life skills, and most importantly, having fun!

Your Donation Can Make A Difference

We think it's pretty amazing that there are organizations out in this world dedicated to giving marginalized youth an outlet for their creativity and identity. Not only do these programs give children safe spaces where they can explore who they truly are, without judgement or discrimination from other people around them, they also offer opportunities of importance such as building friendships with others and having fun! 



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