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Enrichment Program

5 Pillars of Caring




  • Social Support and Community Building: Group activities, clubs, and gatherings to create a sense of belonging.

  • Recreational Activities: Sports, arts, and other activities to build self-esteem and community.

  • Adventure and Exploration Programs: Opportunities for youth to explore new environments, be it nature, a new city, or a different culture. This could involve hiking trips, city tours, or exchange programs.

  • Career Pathway Programs: Tailored guidance and resources to help youth identify and pursue their dream careers.

  • Storytelling Workshops: Platforms for marginalized youth to share their experiences, allowing them to process trauma, advocate for change, and establish identity.

  • Art and Creativity Outlets: Programs offering training in arts, crafts, music, or dance, providing marginalized children a means to express themselves.

  • Hobby Discovery Packages: Kits tailored to various hobbies such as reading age-appropriate books, painting, music, or DIY crafts, to help youth explore and develop new interests.



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