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Wealth Management Partners
Make the Most of Your Donation

Our board of directors has been entrusted with the stewardship of the Foundation’s donations. We have partnered with three local organizations that are helping us to do more with what you donate. These trusted advisors manage a substantial portion of our nonreal estate portfolio of assets and provide income from interest payments, dividends, and capital gains collected upon the sale of securities or other assets. Our investment time horizons are prudent and long-term in nature. We maintain adequate liquidity and cash on hand to provide for both our current and anticipated long-term needs.

Investing to Make the Most of Your Donations

Mercer Advisors

Craig Hart at Mercer Advisors has been a steward of the Believe in Me's wealth for over four years. His time-tested, value-oriented investment philosophy and proprietary research has endured through multiple market cycles. Their independent research and decision-making model offers maximum flexibility in today’s rapidly changing investment environment and reflects their commitment to our financial success.

U.S. Bank

Believe in Me benefits from tailored, leading-edge wealth impact strategies for uninterrupted continuity of the Foundation’s legacy. U.S. Bank’s wealth professionals focus on helping the Foundation make an impact where it matters most—now and for generations to come. Their disciplined investment strategy is a critical component of our comprehensive wealth management plan. U.S. Bank believes that consistency over the long term improves the likelihood of success in achieving the Foundation’s investment goals. That’s why they apply a uniquely tailored approach to curate a mix of assets across global capital markets that align with our financial objectives and risk profile. Their goal is to develop a highly personalized investment portfolio that inspires lasting confidence.

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