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Wraparound Services

A Feeling of Community

Why Kids Need Wraparound Services

Children are our future. They are our hope for a better tomorrow. But too often, kids grow up in difficult circumstances that hinder their ability to reach their full potential. That's where wraparound services can make a difference. Wraparound services provide comprehensive support for kids and families, addressing a wide range of needs - from housing and food insecurity to mental health and substance abuse. By working with families to identify and address the unique challenges they're facing, wraparound services can help kids overcome obstacles and succeed in life. And that benefits us all.

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Meeting the Unique Needs of Each Child

Wraparound services provide a comprehensive approach to care, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional needs of marginalized children and their families. They may include health care, mental health services, social services, and educational support. Wraparound services are designed to meet the unique needs of each child and family, and they can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who receive them. Here is a listing of the types of wraparound service programs Believe in Me supports.

Providing a Feeling of Community

Children who are marginalized often have multiple and complex needs that can be difficult to address. 


These children often fall through the cracks because their needs are too great for any one service provider to handle.


Believe in Me funds wraparound service programs that provide coordinated support, resources, and a feeling of community for marginalized kids. With your help, we can give these kids the chance they deserve to heal and thrive.

Your Donation Can Make A Difference

The children of today face extraordinary challenges, but they are never alone. They deserve our love and acceptance too, and your donations make this possible! With your support, organizations and individuals from all walks of life work tirelessly to help these kids feel like part of something--a community where their uniqueness is celebrated rather than tolerated or rejected because it's different.



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By The Numbers


children are treated for violence-related injuries each day

1 in 7

kids experience abuse or neglect


children suffer from PTSD

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